This is a method taught in the Foundation Phase to add 2 digit numbers. To an adult it seems complicated for a simple calculation. However, to a child who doesn’t understand the value of the numbers, it may be difficult. These are the skills needed to add 2-digit numbers.

  1. Place value – recognise that in 54 – 5 is the tens and 4 is the units
  2. Decompose numbers – write the number as a sum of its tens and units
  3. Counting in 10’s
  4. Math Facts
    • addition and subtraction of 1 digit numbers
    • initially addition of numbers that add to more than 10 (e.g. 9 + 7) is challenging
  5. Counting on – start with the largest number, add the tens and then units

The daily counting in 2’s and 10’s and place value etc. are all skills that are the foundation of more complex calculations.

Once your child has mastered the addition using this method (or other methods presented), they can comfortably and confidently do these calculations mentally (like Mum and Dad!).

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