What do we want for our children?

To grow up to be confident, responsible, self-reliant, disciplined, industrious, caring and kind individuals.

This speech by Michelle Obama to students echoes these sentiments.

As a mum of 3 boys, I get it! I understand the many challenges parents face – lack of motivation, fear and lack of confidence. We are multi-tasking (all the time!) so we don’t always get to help our children in the ways that matter.

This is the reason that I am committed to helping you and helping your child through Edu-Coach.

The support we provide is not just about Maths and Science and understanding content. We also aim to boost their confidence, develop skills, become disciplined and to take ownership for their learning.

Through our support systems we motivate, inspire and educate both parents and learners.

These are some of the programs that we have aside from the 1-1 tutoring.

Facebook group for Parents of Primary School Learners

This group is a support platform for parents of children in primary school. We share tips and resources to help your child with their learning. If there is question your child does not understand and you are also struggling to explain – send us a photo and we will assist.


WhatsApp group #Matric2021

To help #matric2021 students stay motivated, Edu-Coach has created a WhatsApp group that provides them with daily motivation and inspirational messages. To join, click on the link below.


Membership Platform for Maths and Physics

Grade 12 Maths Workshops

Have a super Thursday!